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Designing for the Homeless

Billy Fasig

The Signs for the Homeless project exchanges handwritten cardboard signs for colorfully illustrated, extremely eye-catching redesigns in the hopes that they will benefit those holding them... by helping them get noticed. I'm sure we've all encountered homeless people asking for money. Many times they just walk by and don't even ask, as if they've given up hope. I read an article on this project and found it to be extremely fascinating. The new signs are so much more eye-catching and provide the homeless people holding them a little more hope of being noticed.

I'll be the first to admit that I don't typically have loose change or dollars in my wallet. Most of my money is on my card. So when I encounter a homeless person, I usually try to avoid eye-contact all together. Christopher Hope, one of the creators of this project says, "good design helps you see the world in a different way." So I ask you, if you were walking down the street and happened to see a homeless person holding an excitingly colored sign like this, would you be more likely to stop for a second or at least glance their way? I believe that I would.

Life Continues

Billy Fasig

Without frequent updates, you lose track of what’s going on in people’s lives. In all honesty, my life has been crazy lately and I haven’t had much extra time to update everyone on what’s going on… so here’s my update:

The last semester of my college career is quickly wrapping up and my final projects are in motion. I can say that I’m extremely proud of all of them. I haven’t posted them online yet, but that time will come soon. I’m simply trying to catch up on everything at the moment. My website should be launched within the next week. There are three projects left in my last semester. I will be applying for my dream jobs in the next month. Etc etc.

For my internship I’ve done a lot of work during my internship that isn’t 100% design, but rather social networking, blogging, web, etc. However, as far as the designs go I’ve mostly been working on rebranding a few companies. In the future, you’ll be seeing my rebrands for Sub Station II (a sandwich shop which now has over 40 locations), Safe Life Senior (a personal emergency response services company which was previously known as Pilot Club), and The Protocol School of Washington (a global leader in business etiquette and international protocol training). I am waiting for final decisions on which logos they have chosen before I post them anywhere.

Graduation is just over a month away. I will be applying for jobs in the upstate. I have one company that I’m shooting for, but I will be keeping my options open until something comes along.

A word of advice to all those who have been stressing lately: remove yourself from social networking. Remove Facebook from your phone. Remove Twitter. Remove Tumblr. Just stop. Breathe. Enjoy the fresh air. Enjoy the people around you. Stop looking at the phone in your hand. It’s distracting and takes away from everything around you. That’s what I’ve done recently. I plan to continue it also.

There are ups and downs in everyone’s lives. Things happen which make you question if what you’re doing is right. Things happen which makes you wonder whether or not you should pick a different path. We all know that life changes. Mine has changed drastically just in the last month. Don’t get me wrong… that’s not a complaint. Change can be good. It all depends on your outlook.

Life moves on and I’m ready for the ride to continue.

There's definitely a lot to talk about.

Billy Fasig

This semester is winding down and it leaves a lot to wonder. My website is pretty much completely designed and is ready to go up, but I’m still working on getting all of my projects online beforehand. I don’t want the site to launch prematurely. Also, I’m finishing up my portfolio currently. Designing it for a 11x14 bamboo case that will be laser-etched with my logo. I’m planning on getting it shipped during winter break.

This semester I’ve been working extremely hard. There’s quite a bit of personal struggles going on in my life currently as well. It’s funny how some things can just make you change so much. I’m becoming a much stronger person, and honestly it’s affecting my work ethic and design skills because of it. I’m looking at being done with every single project of mine by the end of this week. Which means that I’ll be done with all my finals four days before they are due. Seems like I’m staying on top of everything and that I’m managing my time in a way that allows me to make time for friends and find time for working on my fitness as well.

Make a plan and act on it. That’s all we can do.

Just make sure to design along the way.

So I guess this is an introduction.

Billy Fasig

I’m using this as my design inspiration blog. I’ll post things that spark my interest, recent work that I’ve done, and works in progress.

I guess I should give some kind of introduction as to who I am. I’m a current student of the University of South Carolina. I’m majoring in Art Studio with an emphasis in Graphic Design as well as double minoring in Art History and Photography. The lightbulb went off after my first year in college that I wanted to be a designer. I always dabbled in the Adobe applications for fun as a kid, but never really thought that I could make a living off of it. Even more recently, I became the Vice President of the AIGA South Carolina Student Group.

While finishing up my final year in college, I’m also working part time at an up-and-coming marketing firm as a design intern. Both experiences have greatly pushed my limits and have helped me to improve myself as a designer. I like to keep active in the field and I’m excited to continue learning as much as I can… especially in this field where everything changes constantly. It’s a never-ending influx of design wonderment and I’m thrilled to be a part of it.