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About Me

I am a 25 year old designer/photographer. The lightbulb finally went off after my first year in college that I wanted to be a graphic designer. I always dabbled in the Adobe applications for fun as a kid, but I never really thought that I could make a living off of it.

I began my college career at The University of South Carolina in 2008. I started off as a psychology major, but that quickly changed when I looked into Graphic Design. I've done well throughout college in completing the courses that I was required to take and even a few extra courses that I thought would help my process, finishing with a 3.5 GPA. Most of the work featured on this site is from my projects in college. However, I started working for a local marketing agency during the Summer of 2012. It gave me a great deal of real-world experience. Because of my design courses and internship, I'm constantly working on new designs and pushing my limits.

I finished college at USC with a BFA in Art Studio, emphasizing in Graphic Design, as well as a double minor in Art History and Photography. I was also the Vice President of the AIGA South Carolina Student Group during my final year.

Shortly after graduating, I was offered a position at BFG Communications in Hilton Head, SC. While working there, I was lead designer on South Carolina State Parks, encompassing a wide range of design (from digital and traditional to social media and television). I have recently moved back to the Greenville area, where I am now working for PermaCard, a company focusing on the production of printed promotional materials.

Hopefully all of this information gives you a better idea of who I am and how I work.