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You Look Great

You Look Great





This is easily one of the projects that I'm most proud of. I spent a very long time on this project and I'm extremely pleased with the outcome. This was a project done for my "Time and Sequence" Graphic Design course. We met with the Counseling Services at the University of South Carolina and my topic of discussion was eating disorders. I didn't want to create a somber production, but rather a positive message that illustrates the idea of loving yourself how you are and striving for a healthy lifestyle in a positive way. This project was two parts: zine and guerrilla marketing. The zine in its' entirety can be seen through the Issuu link below.





The second part of the project was to come up with some kind of guerrilla marketing scheme that correlated with the idea of the zine. We were told to imagine that we had no budget. My campaign was split into two parts.

For the first part of the campaign, I’m planned on using powdered dye to color the fountains around campus, along with the Strom pools. At the main locations (pools, and Thomas Cooper Library reflection fountain) there would be counseling booths set up to help explain the campaign. Multiple printed zines will be available at each booth. Below are mock ups to show what the pools would look like.

Pool Dye

Why pink? Pink has always been a symbolic color and representation of love. I’m wanting to promote a love for your body... a realization that “you look great” how you are.



The second part of the campaign is to place stickers (with the logo) on mirrors throughout campus. The time when most people see issues with how they look is when they are looking straight into the mirror. I want them to see these stickers instead and receive a positive message. A sticker will also be provided at the end of each zine, for the reader to give to anyone they choose.


The main idea of the stickers on the bathroom mirrors around campus is mainly to send a positive message toward the viewer and to raise awareness about the campaign. The secondary action that I’m hoping for is what you see here... people taking pictures of themselves with the stickers and spreading it around social networking websites.