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Environmental Signage



For this project our assignment was to redesign the signage for the Riverbanks Zoo & Garden. It was optional to rebrand the zoo, but I decided it was necessary. The directional signage didn't have many requirements to it. However, for the informational signage we were required to include the name of the animal, its' scientific name, a picture of the animal (which I took myself), basic information about the animal, a conservation meter, and a habitat map. The following were my results.


Directional Signage

I designed a totem-styled pole for my directional signage. At the top will be the redesigned logo of Riverbanks. Instead of being cylindrical, the totem sections will be cubed. Near the top of the totem will be a taller cubed section with outposts that have directional arrows to some of the main exhibits. One of the cubes will have brochures that include maps of the zoo landscape. The second cube will have a pamphlet which gives information about special events that are occuring throughout the zoo that day. The third will simply say "Enjoy the Zoo." The entire piece will all be made out of the same wood, however the sections would be stained with different wood stains to add a little variety and visual stimulation.

This entire piece will stand at near the entrance and be around 8 feet tall.



Mockup Image


Informational Signage

The information design I've designed is pretty straight-foward. The main purpose of this is to redesign what the zoo already has, but also to create a cohesiveness throughout the zoo signage. Currently, the zoo's signage does not match. Every sign in the zoo will be designed as this one is (mainly the structure and how it's set up), with the emphasis color changing based on the animal that the sign is for. The emphasis color for the American Flamingo as shown below is a bright pink, which resembles the flamingo coloring itself. A tiger would be orange, etc. The sign will be mounted on a sturdy wooden post with a weather-resistant covering over the design.

The printed information will be 11x18"

The height of the entire piece will be 4.5ft to 5ft



Mockup Image